Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Selfie & Me

Let's start the year with 2013's "Most Overused Word", Selfie (#selfie)

I am very sure that everyone have heard and used this word. But for the benefit of those people who are too busy to be updated with the social networking world, selfie is defined as a picture you take of yourself (commonly with the use of smart phones or webcams). Now,  I am sharing  a fact about myself: I do selfies and I have my reasons of doing so.Unlike others, I seldom share it in the social networking world.Most of the photos are only stored in my phone for future use.

I do selfie when:

  • I visit a new place. Do I need to explain why? I believe even before the selfie word was invented, most people are already taking their pictures with the new place they come to visit. A memory, a remembrance. A photo is a way to for us to not only remember the place, but also to share the experience with others. Of course, photos of the place alone is a good way to remember it but with you in a photo with the view as the backdrop makes it more personal. It's like you are telling the world you were there without vandalizing the place. Here's a photo I took when I visited Legoland, Malaysia.

  •  It's my birthday. One way for me to cherish being a year older is to take a photo of myself. Here's the photo I took last year. I decided to celebrate my birthday in Manila with family and friends. This photo was actually taken at the airport while waiting for boarding.
  • I like my makeup. I seldom have a perfectly done makeup and when I do, well, I usually take a picture of myself.

  • I simply like how I look. I bet most of us have these moments when we think we look our best without the use of makeup. In other words, we are like "glowing". During these moments, I highly encourage for everyone to snap a photo of yourself. Rare moments should be captured. Here's a photo I take when... I really don't know when, as it's a spur of the moment one.

These are some of the reasons why I take photos of myself. As you may have noticed, I do it for myself. For boosting my confidence and for remembrance. Whether I share it with the world or keep it to myself, it is for me to decide.

I am sure everyone has reasons for doing it, even posting their photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you are one of those people who gets irritated when their friends do it, kindly keep your comments/reactions to yourself. After all, it's their account and you have the choice to hide them on your timeline, unfollow their twitter account and Instagram account.

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