Saturday, January 18, 2014

Easiest Morning Look

There are moments when you don't have time to do your make-up and your hair before going out in the morning for your brunch with your friends, outdoor activities with your colleagues, or just plain and regular visit to the grocery store for your supplies. And absolutely, you have no time, when you need to wake-up for that event and you just had a great night out the night before - talk about bloodshot eyes; eyebags as big as your shopping bags; and messy hair. But you don't need to show up like a ghost or a zombie when your friends are looking great. Here's the easiest look everyone can pull off to look great and fabulous in a matter of 2 minutes or 3 minutes max. The look is composed of the biggest sunnies you have and the boldest lipstick you own(preferably Red). Your sunnies will hide those bloodshot eyes and your eyebags; and partnering it with the lipstick will give you a sultry look and definitely will complete the look. Your messy hair, leave it messy - it will add up to the sexiness of the look.

So the next time someone invites you for a great morning brunch, try this look and definitely you'll be ready and sexy. Plus, on the photos, you'll probably be the one standing out.

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