Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Blacklist

If there is one series I encourage most of my friends to watch (except those who don’t appreciate crime series), it’s the Blacklist. This is a crime drama that premiered on NBC last September 2013. (which means if I’ll convince you to watch it, you’ll only be catching 10 episodes and after that, you’re already updated. Yay!)

The story is about a former government agent and one of FBI’s most wanted fugitives Raymond “Red” Reddington who suddenly surrenders at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC and makes a deal that can’t be refused and under one condition, Red will only speak with Elizabeth Keen (who, in the first episode, will just start her work for the FBI as a profiler on the day Red surrendered). The deal: Red will help FBI capture the most dangerous criminals who the FBI may not even know exist and he will just coordinate with them thru agent Keen. Red has developed a list of the most wanted criminals and he named it “The Blacklist” (hence, the title of the series). Together, Keen and Red will work together in capturing them.

Here is the trailer. Enjoy! (I know you will, because I did)

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